Consulting Services

Details are at the CORE of every construction project, and to ensure that all of the details are taken care experts who know what they are doing are needed. At CORE, our team is committed to surpassing our clients’ expectations that is why we offer a variety of consulting services to efficiently move a project through concept, delivery, completion, and close-out. These services include:

Engineering Consulting

Engineer consultants are essential to any construction team to plan, design and supervise each project. Consultations can include any of the following:

Architectural Design Consulting

We employ the services of only highly trained and skilled consulting Architects, who have vast experience in helping our clients plan, design and supervise project construction according to your specific needs. Areas that may require architectural consultation include:

Interior Design Consulting

Our experienced Interior Designers are exceptionally skilled at architectural design, space planning, and overall design. Our designers collaborate with you to ensure the space you are creating is what you envisioned.

Project Management Consulting

Construction projects consist of a lot of moving parts, utilizing a Project Manager through your construction process can ensure your project moves seamlessly from start to finish.

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